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Кто здесь?
где я?
Answer for question 4278. 
14-мар-2015 05:01 pm
What is your opinion of religion? Is the world a better or worse place because of it?
Was just thinking about the religion when saw this question so decided to reply.

I think religion is a way to keep people behave. And some kind of way is necessary for both developing countries and high income gap developed countries, like the United States.

It is similar to the fact that belief in Santa is a way to make kids behave through the year.

Religion is not the only way. There's probably other ways, but they are still undeveloped and religion for now is the best one.

There is no need in religion in low-gap developed countries (like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, etc.) though. People already behave there because they are mostly happy.
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